Vaping Olympic Committee Selects Mankato as Host City


MANKATO — After nearly a year of anticipation, the International Vaping Olympic Committee has selected the host city for it’s annual games. While prolific vape cities like Daytona Beach, FL,  Ocean City, NJ, Fresno, CA and Sheboygan, WI submitted strong bids, the committee ultimately selected Mankato, Minnesota.

“Given the population of dudes that just crush it at vaping, the abundance of light beer, and concentration of barbed wire tattoos, Mankato was the obvious best choice” said Josh Tylerson, head of the NVOC.  

City Spokesperson Eric Anderson said he was “deeply humbled” that Mankato was given the opportunity to host such a prestigious event.

“What a great chance for us to show the world Mankato’s unparalleled status vape capitol of the world” he continued. “Our city is choked with vapor and dripping in E-Juice, and it’s nice to receive recognition for it”.

“This is probably the most excited we’ve been since the frosted tips convention back in ‘02” Anderson added.While the games are still six months away, city officials are already stocking up on Monster Energy drinks, flat brimmed hats and readying the Vape Olympic Village AKA Gabe’s mom’s basement.