Twins Eager To Become Confidence-Building Footnote In Better Teams’ Championship Run

Original photo by  Mac H (media601)

Original photo by Mac H (media601)

DETROIT, MI — Following a division-clinching victory against the Detroit Tigers, the 2019 AL Central champion Minnesota Twins expressed their excitement for eventually becoming the revitalizing stepping stone in another team’s climb towards a World Series victory. “The guys are really hyped,” noted manager Rocco Baldelli, “to be kindling in the competitive fire that will push a team like the Yankees over the top.”

The Twins ended August by breaking the single season team record for home runs, which only adds to the exhilaration. “Yeah, we have some real heavy hitters,” said outfielder Byron Buxton, “but just imagine how some other, better club’s sagging bullpen is going to feel when they strike us all out. That’s the kind of momentum that can take them all the way.”

Taylor Rogers, the Twins’ star closer, echoed that sentiment. “I’m proud of the numbers I’ve put up this season, which will make it all the sweeter when some bottom-of-the-lineup hitter, for the Astros or whatever, hits a game-ending home run off me in extra innings. Can you imagine how they would feel? Wow.”

While reflecting on his recent hot streak, third baseman Miguel Sano talked about motivation. “We were in a team meeting the other day, asking ‘why are we here? Why do we play the game?’ And we all agreed: it’s just to be a small part of the video montage a more talented squad would release on Twitter about their journey to the World Series after they win it.”

Eventually, Baldelli was asked about the possibility of winning a playoff series in an upset. “Oh, uh, yeah. We are not ready for that.”