Opinion: Why is St. Paul?


I have question. Why is St. Paul? It is not interesting or good. I was driving on I-94 and thought I would see St. Paul when I got there, but I did not see anything that looked like a state capitol and accidentally drove to Wisconsin. Is nobody home at St. Paul? It looks like a city that got turned upside down and all the people were shaken out.

I am from Andover and St. Paul is somehow more boring. Why is this? Does St. Paul not like fun? And why do all of the streets have five names but I don’t want to go to any of the places that are there? Is that why there is so much parking space?

St. Paul has St. Paul Saints baseball team, but why is this when we already have one baseball team that is bad? St. Paul is also building soccer stadium but no people like soccer so why? Will nobody be home at the soccer stadium too?

St. Paul is also mean. They do not keep the State Fair open all year round and I miss the pigs. The mean lady also said I am too old to go to the Children’s Museum because I am 36. Also they closed Sears and it was my favorite store.

In conclusion, why is St. Paul and can it be cancelled? The End.